There has to be a way…

The number plate of your state on a random car on the street gives me feeling of someone from ‘home‘ is here, or ‘you’ are just here, closer to me.
I re-read our starred chats just to feel the feeling I felt today, exactly an year ago. It brings back our memories of gold. Today is the day we ‘chose’ each other. The conversation brings back the feeling of ‘us’. It brings back the soul connection closer to me, now that you are 182 miles away, still. Like you used to say, real love can happen without being there at all also. And even if there are ups and downs that we might not like, God has given us strength to sail through them.

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Feeling of ‘us’ is feeling of happiness!

Nothing saddens me or scares me like the thought that you can become insignificant to someone who once thought you are their world. And this happening when, there is pure love from both sides. I have looked at ‘us’ in a much better way post you chose to take a different path. I feel the biggest mistake I made was to choose not to let out my feelings. I still do not think I can ever open up too much but I do try now. Thank you for making me learn that!

People around me don’t need me or want me but love me with no conditions. So do I, I love them and I love you. I know you do too, just like family.
Love me when I make mistakes too, when I falter, when I am not at my best, love me now and forever, my heart for you is always the same. Remember, I love you always!

And remember there’s still hope left. There always is. To care for wounds without opening them, there has to be a way.



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