Flowers floating in the water

Flowers floating in the water, they are still beautiful, as they move together, caressing each other. It is like interlacing your hands with mine. I remember that clearly, the way we held hands and your thumb moved slowly at the back of my thumb. I love living those moments with you, alone. It feels so alive and serene. Do you remember the first time we spoke? I know you do. I know you remember the first time we stayed quiet too. Your silence, your whispers follow me through the streets of love. I am glad that wherever we went, we left smiles there.

yellow and pink petaled flowers
Flowers are beautiful, always!

As we danced together on our special day, I realised it was perfect when you held my hand. I have made a home of those memories and I live in that home of love.Only if you could hear my heart cry out the words I write sitting here, you would know how it longs for your presence while it listens to your favourite songs. Sitting at the same position, wrapping myself in the bed sheet that you sat on, I remember what you felt for me, what I felt for you – for me, that is the absolute feeling I want to feel the rest of my life. And I would not want it in any other way.
As I await the warmth of your mesmerizing smile, your glittering eyes and the peace of being with you, I find my way back to you through my words in the wilderness and the peace of your presence. Hold on to the hopeless heart talks, to the crazy little world of ours!
Just like the rays of the setting sun fall on the floor, you arrive. You awaken inside my heart. I see a shadow on the floor, it feels like you are just walking to me. You speak to me without saying a word. All I see is a wide smile. I am smitten by the way your lips curve and your eyes shine. It makes me smile and my eyes dance with your light. Everything else fades. It all stops. You. Me. The air between ‘us’. My eyes trace a path of their own on your face. I just happen to get lost in your innocent features and the peace your presence gives me. A sense of calm I have never witnessed before. A look at you like you are my world. That look, that moment of our quiet as two shadows bind our souls.

You and I meet again. What a beautiful calamity! We smile for ‘us’ and for the love of ours.



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